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Yard Sale Banners

For some people, the best part of their weeks is driving around on a Friday or Saturday and seeing a directional sign pointing towards a yard sale. You never know what kind of hidden treasures you’ll find when looking through piles of clothes, furniture, and housewares. But what is even better than a typical yard sale? A community yard sale! When multiple people bring their unwanted items together in an organized and single location, you know you are about to score some deals!

But how do you advertise a community yard sale? A handwritten sign at street corners might get you some traffic but I think we can all agree that for an event as big as this, bigger is always better. We can make you a community yard sale banner for a billboard or even the side of the house or building that you are set-up next to.


If you want assurance that your event will not go unnoticed, contact us today! We can create and install a unique sign that will attract all sorts of people to your sale.

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Our team is capable of some pretty incredible stuff! Whatever your needs are for all forms of signs, banners, and graphics…we’ve got you covered.

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